The Invisible Dancer

An object?

If before meeting that woman they were prepared to try and get some sleep before the rigours of the day began, all such notions vanished. They got into John’s SUV and went back to his house. They switched on his PC and waited for telemetry to start arriving.
For an hour more they chatted about the events of that evening. Eventually, 4 little black windows on the monitor of his PC came to life one by one. They had picked something up. There was only the tiniest of static of the mic. They all watched with baited breath but despite carefully planning the cameras merely showed a hulking figure dressed in tatters. It’s facial features were just a blur, but this time it was carrying something. A square object, about 0.5m x 0.5m, wrapped in papers. It went through its usual routine and then hid behind two wooden panels taking the object with it.



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