The Invisible Dancer

Back at John's

Jake got there first. John made him wait for the other.
When all were there he switched on the huge, flat monitor of his PC. When it came to life, 3 little windows corresponding to the 3 cameras they set up showed the room they were in. It showed the four of them setting things up and chatting and eventually leaving. A few minutes later the cameras switched themselves off. When they automatically switched themselves back on the time on them showed about 2 hours had elapsed since they left. But why had they come back on? There was no sound. Just a dirty, green, grainy picture.
The 3 cameras shook and jolted by some tiny vibrations. As through some1 was close by. It ambled slowly, almost dragging its feet. When it was in a position where all the cameras were on it, it stopped. It seemed to sniff the air and look around suspiciously. Almost as though it could tell some things had been moved. Despite how careful they had been some things were bound to have been moved. They saw enough to recognise the tramp’s clothes, the long overcoat, but not much else. Then it turned slowly (never revealing more than a blur instead of a face) and suddenly darted off out of view. The cameras shook violently, one fell over. For several minutes they jumped about violently and then silence. Then the cameras switched themselves off. Half an hour later it reappeared. It seemed to sniff around again cautiously but found nothing. So shifted a wheel barrow full of cement. They saw that when they were there. 4 sacks of cement in a wheelbarrow weighing about 200Kgrms. It lifted it effortlessly and moved it to one side. Then pulled upon two planks of wood on the wall. Squeezed through and placed them back behind him. Through a hole in the bottom of one of them it put its arm through and adjusted the wheel barrow again. Then vanished never to be seen again.

A few moments later the cameras switched off. The last time on their display was 4.31am. John, Hannah, Jake and Terri stood there, speechless. They looked at each other and then back at the monitor.
“Worth missing work for?” Asked john eventually.



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