The Invisible Dancer

He returns...

“He is heading back….”
A vacant voice behind them made them jump. The woman… that woman was standing at the end of the corridor.
“I estimate 20’ at best… I do not intend to be here when he returns, I advise you do likewise!”
They just stared for several awkward seconds so she took a step closer and repeated her warning.
“Call her back and leave this place…. now!”
JS: “How do you know?”
El’: “You have been here several times before and have monitored his movements and his schedule. You have simply lost track of time!”
They all mechanically looked at their watches and their eyes widened in horror. Terri stuck his head through the wooden hole as best he could and shouted after her.
JS: “Is it a ‘he’ now?”
El’: “This conversation, old man,” she took another step closer “is going to cost you all your lives. He/she/it might be somewhat enlightened and different but it will kill you if it finds you here!”
JS: “It is not human. Are you like it?”
El’: “Have you lost all sense of self-preservation?” She sighed and tilted her head to one side as if resigned to this sad fact and took a step back. Terri had practically crawled all the way through the hole and carried on shouting to Hannah.
JM: “I think you, being the slowest should follow her out of here. We are right behind you!” Jake said helping John to his feet. John, shone the torch towards the woman and hobbled towards her reluctantly. She smiled and took another step back. He then turned and said:
JS: “Get the fool out of there!” pointing to Terri. Jake tried to grab Terri’s feet to drag him out but he protested. The most cautious character had found some vestige of bravery and instead tried to crawl further in to retrieve Hannah. Eventually Jake had to let go and Terri vanished through the hole in the wall. Jake started frantically kicking at the wooden wall trying to widen the hole so he could get through too. With Terri’s help and John’s torch it was soon wide enough for Jake and just as the two of them started to head after her they saw Hannah running towards them. John’s torch lit the way. They were so relieved to see her alright and coming towards her they did not even ask about the tears streaming down her face.
“What is it? What’s the matter? What did you see?” John asked as she stooped to get through the wall.
“IDIOTS!” The woman hissed one last time, turned and ran off. Terri was the first to crawl back out and run off after her, closely followed by the others.
Terri scampered along as fast as he could but the woman was much, much faster. She bounced off the walls like a demented cat and even the light from hit torch eventually lost her. There was no point now in closing doors behind them. They had disturbed the scene so much it was bound to know.
Out of the hidden room then into the room where the cameras were, they carried on out and down the tiny narrow corridors. Up tiny, steep staircases, and back down at the other end eventually into the corridor where the offices were. Down a few more flights of stairs and out into main access corridors. These were much wider and looked less eerie so John, who was bringing up the rear slowed down for a breather. These areas were better lit, even in the still of the night and they were almost out.
A hideous, inhuman wail from high above made them all freeze. Apart from John – it seems to have the opposite effect on him. He picked up the pace and hearing heavy obstacles smashing to the ground above him, reminded him of the creatures super-human strength. He pulled out his dagger and clung to the walls as he proceeded as quickly and quietly as possible.
As he turned into a dingy corridor into a remote part of the opposite side of the symphony hall Jake was waiting for him. They made each other jump out of their skins again despite best intentions. But another guttural moan much closer by made them get their priorities straight.
When they reached the fire exit Terri and Hannah were waiting for them and as soon as they saw them they sighed in relief. The four of the reunited (the woman was nowhere to be seen) they headed towards the car park and quickly put several miles between them and the symphony hall.



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