The Invisible Dancer

more sage advice

Whether prompted by the mysterious woman or not they decided to not revisit by day. Instead, they found out that John, despite his age, had some tricks up his sleeves. He produced more cameras, a microphone and armed himself with a hideous looking knife and advised his companions to do likewise. They all refused. But go back to the creature’s abode they did. They waited until it had left and this time, were extra careful not to disturb anything and set up the cameras in more advantageous locations.
Immensely chuffed with their efforts they slunk back out. At gone 2am they were not many people around. A few revellers straggling and flagging. Two policemen across the road chatting, a road-sweep and a woman, looking slightly out of place, sitting on the low wall outside the closed coffee shop. They all saw her but carried on. Apart from John. She looked straight at him and after a double take he began to recognise her.
Separating from the others, as they all walked towards the car park, he walked towards her. The others stopped, called him but he ignored them.
JS: “You!”
El’: “Yes… “
JS: “Who are you? Are you following us?”
El’: “Yes, I’ve been following and watching for a while. What you are doing can have a happy ending: i.e. you all end up arrested, with criminal records, possibly fines and prison for breaking, entering, vandalising. Or it could have a bad ending: With all of you dead.”
JM: “John? Is that the girl from the other night?” The rest had caught up.
JS: “Yes” He replied without looking. “What is it? Who are you?” She never answered. She just sat on the wall, one knee under her chin, dressed in casual, well worn black jeans and trainers. Her long hair, likewise unkempt, matched her old jean jacket. All black. Jake and John bombarded her with questions: who was she, has she knew, what she knew, who was it, what was it doing in the concert hall, how come only they could see it and who was she – again! Hannah was the only one that kept silent and instead scrutinised every last detail about her.
TH: “She is the police – or some secret agency!” They all looked at him blankly. Terri kept quite from then on.
JS: “What do you mean ‘dead’? are you threatening us?”
El’: “Me? No! The creature you are meddling with…. a more interesting question has already been asked: ‘How come only you can see it?’ “
JS: “There were others…”
El’ “I know. I was at the pub. The wisely chose to go on with their lives and forget about it.”
HJ: “We cannot!”
El’: “It will be your undoing….” The woman got up to leave.
JM: “You are coming with us!” Jake grabbed her by the arm. They all paused, the woman looked at him perplexed.
El’: “To what avail?!”
JM: “How come only we can see it?”
El’: “I do not know! Wish I did. That is what first drew my attention to the newspaper adverts John posted.”
JM: “Tell us everything you know…”
El’: “ ‘Everything?’ that could take a while!”
JM: “Which is why you are coming with us.”
El’: “Coming where? John’s place? You gonna tie me up and interrogate or torture me? You have not thought this through, have you?” They all looked at Jake, barely managing to conceal a smirk. His grip loosened and he let go. The woman walked off….



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