The Invisible Dancer


They kept in touch by phone and email for the next few days. Hanna was unwilling to elaborate on what she saw via those means. A few days later, prompted by John, and aided by the plush hospitality they all met to discuss events.
Hannah went to quite some length to describe what she found: A bona fide home anyone of would be proud of. Neat and tidy and vast, extended into the wall, the attic, possibly even too roof. It was too big to explore. Paintings, statues, books and old vinyl records adorned these premises. All neatly arranged and evidently, frequently used. All in all it gave the feel of a home, is somewhat cramped and dark. Hannah got the distinct feeling of raiding someone’s very own private space, their pride and joy.
And so once more the room filled up with an animated discussion of what to do now. If the beast had not been disturbed and left it was definitely too dangerous to venture back in there. What kind of beast roams the city of Birmingham with superhuman strength and are there any others? These are only some of the questions on their minds.
Little did they know there was one more question everyone had forgotten about. The door bell rang again, interrupting their thoughts. When John answered his intercom it was the woman again. She was at the main gate.
El’: “How come I wasn’t invited?” She japed.
John pressed the button to open his front gate and let her in. There were clearly questions on both sides and there were all getting tired of the half-warnings that were falling on deaf ears anyway.
JS: “We might get some answers now…” They looked at him blank until they heard his front door closing and then the woman walked in behind him.
El’: “Good evening!”
JS: “Hello…”
El’: “Well…. are we scared yet?”
JS: “What can you tell us?”
El’: “He has left those premises. But will be back. He left many personal items behind and he is making several journeys back and forth to collect them.”
JS: “Where has he gone?”
El’: “If I knew… I wouldn’t tell you.”
TH: “You don’t know? Makes a change!”
El’: “We tried to have him followed but… lost him.”
JS: “ ‘lost’?”
El’: “Yes…”
HJ: “What is he?”
JM: “What are you?”
El’: “He is… Enlightened. He will not be able to stay hidden forever. He will eventually rob a museum or go to a concert, a theatre. He can’t not…”
JS, HJ, TH, JM: “ ‘Enlightened’? “
El’: “But then, that still won’t tell us his whereabouts. He might even move town… moving to another country is difficult, though not unheard of…” She ignored their silly questions. So, ever the hot-head, Jake took control. He jumped up, grabbed her by the shoulders and looked at her:
JM: “What is he? What are you?”
El’: “You keep going round in circles. What is important here is only one thing: ‘How come only you could see him?’ “



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