The Invisible Dancer

Raiding its lair_01

TH: “We need to tell the police, or CIA or someone!”
A few days had passed where the creature came and went as usual. Each time they watched transfixed, silently (and sometimes not so silently) wondering what to do about it. Terri definitely had a point. A point worth a few seconds of quiet contemplation by the others. So he continued. “That thing is not human, heaven knows what it is and it is dangerous. We are ill equipped to deal with.”
JS: “If we show this to the authorities we will be arrested for sure…”
TH: “We do it anonymously. Look, you carry around with you, knives and shit. Breaking into building to set up surveillance cameras. You’ll get arrested anyway and it aint safe at best of times.”
HJ: “If we examine its lair when it is gone we might get a clue as to who or what it is? It has items there it has…. acquired? Maybe even some ID?!”
TH: “Are you listening to me?!”
JS: “If we do that, it will know some1 has been there. No matter how careful we are!”
JM: “Who cares? Let’s do it!”
TH: “no1 is listening to me…”
No1 was listening to Terri. Not even Terri, because he was there. Two nights hence they raided the place. No1 knew, or cared to ask, how John was obtaining alarm codes or any other inside information needed for these little expeditions.

TH: “This creatures moves this barrow, on it’s own, much easier than us two do. If it catches here it will have no problem killing us all!” Terri observed between grunts as they heaved the barrow out of the way. Before they could put it down Hannah started chiselling at the panels with dagger, under the bright spotlight John held.
JM: “You got a dagger too now?” She opened them and peered in.
HJ: “Light…“ Terri handed her one of the other torches and she held it into the opening and stuck her head in. “There is an entire room in here guys… a bit tight but I can fit in.” And before any1 could react she crawled in and out of sight.



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