The Invisible Dancer

Raiding its lair_02

Jake was too bulky, John was too frail and Terri was too scared. So they stood by the opening, taking turns in shining the two remaining torches down it, trying to see what Hannah was up to. Every so often they would call out to her and she would reply. She would be heard shifting things around as she explored the unimaginably vast spaces behind the wooden wall that had been erected. Shouting back to the three men she explained what this area looked like: a narrow corridor, with a very low sloping ceiling. Dust had covered everything by now, but it had been unoccupied for so long and so hermetically sealed there we no cob webs, as there would have been nothing for their owners to eat. Nevertheless, she could clearly see with her torch that the central pathway was clear of most dust and tracks of previous presence were evident.
Upon removal of settled dust various theatrical props were uncovered: Ropes, planks of wood, more rusted and crumbling tools, curtains, backdrops, posters. Some still hanged eerily from the various sections of this attic and dangled into a darkness well beyond the wall at the back of where the orchestra played. The symphony hall obviously doubled up, in the past, into a theatre.
Some 60ft along the corridor turned left ninety degrees. Despite advice to the contrary she proceeded down that path. She had to really yell to be heard all the way back to where the three men anxiously stood and awaited. Eventually she came to an opening in the wall off to the one side. This was in the actual mortar and bricks and by day it was concealed by a huge pile of dusty curtains she had no chance of moving – even if the other three men were with her. She shone the torch into the increasingly clostrauphobic opening and what she saw could hardly be relayed with yells.



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