The Invisible Dancer

Rude awakening

They all went home, rather dejected and disappointed. John made sure they each got a taxi to wherever they wanted to go. What did they expect anyway. They tried to get a little bit of sleep before the rigours of the day began again.
Hannah was at college. Studying drama. 1st year. She had to concentrate.
Jake Mallone was a builder. Hard labour needs rest.
Terri Hannik, has a little family and was a car salesman. They all had lives that put other kinds of pressures on them. But 2 hour later they all got rudely awoken by their mobile phones going crazy.
Looks like John Small had a little more time on his hands.
The message was clear despite some panic and some babbling: Telemetry from the cameras shows…. the creature?! Get here ASAP!



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