The Invisible Dancer

Sage advice

Terri looked at his watch blinking a few times as he tried to snap himself back to reality.
TH: 7.35. I can still get to work on time.
JM: Work?! You serious?
TH: Yes! I am!
And then there were three.
HJ: Terri has a point. We have each other’s numbers. Lets think about what we have seen and chat further?
And then there were two. Soon they were all going about their daily routine as best as they could. Late that night they all got a call off John: “The creature is out! It got out at about 10.30 and left. I assume it sleeps there by day and roams about at night. It will probably be back in the morning. Let’s meet up tomorrow evening?!”

They met up again on Friday evening. A horrible, cold, rainy night, but still it was Friday! John prepared a sumptuous meal complete with a hired chef and butler. They watched some more videos of the creature coming and going. At about the same times. During the meal they chatted about what it all meant and what to do next. Jake wanted to contact the others now they had some proof. Terri else wanted to contact the authorities. John wanted to carry on investigating, better equipment, better angles, better shots, perhaps even go there in the day time. The meeting descended rapidly into a full blown argument. But the buzzing of the front gate bell soon put a stop to that.
John excused himself and answered the intercom. When he returned he was white as a sheet.
HJ: “What? What is it?” she enquired walking up to him and taking his hand.
He took it and allowed her to help him to a plush arm chair and took a sip from his brandy.
JS: “A certain…. lady, rang my front door bell and advised us that….. ‘going there in the day-time is a really bad idea’.”
JM: “What?! Was it the police?”
JS: “Don’t think so – then again, she did say we should stop investigating this….”
JM: “What? Why? Have you informed the police?” turning to Terri.
TH: “No!”
JS: “… and that we should go back to our little lives. In a few days, maybe weeks, we will forget all about it and we will all be much better off…. apparently!”
Jake got up dashed outside and ran to the tall, wrought iron gate. No one was there and in seconds he was soaked and freezing so came back inside.



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