The Invisible Dancer

The Hall

Hannah, Terri and Jake instinctively flinched as the halogen lights flickered on. When they recovered they found themselves in an eerily empty, huge symphony hall. Seconds later John ambled round the corner, walking stick in hand, huge grin on his face.

JM: How come you know so much about this place, John?
TH: Yeah!
JS: The concert was over a month ago now. I’ve been planning this for a month. Security codes, rotas, the lot. We are alone, trust me – I have more to loose than anyone else here!
Temporarily comforted the proceeded down the central isle towards the platform. But they were definitely not alone! El’zah was never far from the action. She followed them, as only she could, silently and invisible. They examined the platform, the curtains, then explored the hall to find access to the rafters. Up tiny ladders and along winding corridors they explored for over 3 hours every inch they could reach, but other than untidy store rooms with tools and materials and dusty clothes nothing much could be found.
John was visibly getting tired, Terri was getting scared and Jake frustrated. They began to bicker. All they had found was what could easily have been the working room of various maintenance staff – yet it did not exactly make sense: recently used, some personal items as though it was where they lived. But no-one was here right now. Did they get spooked by the people approaching?! Or were they just out right now?! Is that a good thing or a bad thing? What exactly were they gonna do if they met the creature?
They bickered at length about these and many more questions. But John had the answer – as always! He took off his rucksack and started rummaging. He handed a small parcel to his 3 partners-in-crime.
JS: Find an out-of-the-way perch and set these CCTV up. They have a battery life of three days with infra red and motion detectors. Military issue – very expensive.
As they busied themselves El’zah watched from afar. Giving them something to do stopped all the in-bickering. Soon they were making their escape good. Well, four of them were. El’zah stayed behind to observe first hand!



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